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Buying a House in Portugal

I can help you find the perfect house, make sure you get the best price, and that the transaction runs smoothly from start to the end

Buying a house in Portugal

Welcome to PortugalHouseInvest a place where you will find a team of experience professionals to help you to find Your dream home or dream investment.
We are here to help you from the start, during and after the whole process is done, from A to Z we will make sure that everything goes as it should be. Your happiness will be ours.

Here are some ways I can help you buy your perfect home


Understanding Your Needs

Understanding your needs is the first important thing to PortugalHouseInvest, so that we can concentrate and help you better on what you really need or wish.
Herewith we mention some points that will help us to understand your needs better;
1. Who are you (family, retired couple, investor, etc.).
2. Why are you buying a property (to immigrate, vacation house, invest in Portugal).
3. When are you planning to buy? (now a days property’s prices are rising daily in Portugal.)
4. What is you budget (just about so that we don’t waste time with properties that you can’t buy it).
5. Let us know all the important things that are important to you and that you wish to have in your new house.
For any idea or comment please let us know.


We know that communication is essential that’s why our team has international agents to help you better.
Here are the main language we speak;
1. Portuguese
2. English
3. France
4. Spanish
5. Dutch
6. Arabic
Please fill free to have one of us to help you in your own language. It will be our pleasure.


Negotiating Contracts

When buying or selling a property in Portugal is very important to check all the property licenses and documents, they all should be up to date and that any alterations that have been made to the property are already registered with the right legal department by the government. PortugalHouseInvest work with a very serious law firm, so that we always make sure everything is done as it should. Your happiness will be ours.
Now a days is mandatory for properties to have a habitation license if you are planning to live in or rent it out, that’s way is important to know that this alteration is registered and approved by the right legal department by the government.
For any further information you may need please fill out the form below and one of us will contact you shortly.

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